We want Vänern to maintain its position as an attractive salmon and trout fishing water in the long term! Support our work with a grant you too!

A better salmon and trout fishing in Vänern

Laxfonden Vänern is a foundation formed by the municipalities and county administrative boards around the lake. The purpose is, among other things, to create a good fishing for salmon and trout. The Lax Fund annually finances the release of smolt at various locations in the lake. In order to prepare questions, a fisheries delegation with representatives of fishing interests, nature conservation interests, tourism etc. has been established. Annually a laxing is held where current issues are presented.

Please contribute

The objective of the Lax Fund is that 90,000 smolt will be exposed annually in Vänern. To meet this goal, we are dependent on grants. Here you can make a difference! Your contribution goes straight to the release of smolt and is reported openly and continuously here on the website.

Fishing rules in Vänern

Fishing in Lake Vänern is covered by a number of rules. The most important ones for fishing for salmon and trout should be at least 60 cm and the rule that only greasy fish can be caught.